F.M. Alexander was born in 1869 in Tasmania, working first in Australia before embarking for London to pursue an acting career. It was whilst reciting Shakespeare that he began to repeatedly lose his voice.  
Even though he adhered to the prescription (rest and medication) of the doctors he could not last through a whole evening performance. His revolutionary insight was, that he might be contributing to his problem and so he embarked on a research into what he was doing when reciting, which took about 8 years to bear the fruit which we now know by his name: the Alexander Technique. His observations showed that in order to speak, he would pull his head backwards and down, thus interfering with his larynx and breathing organs, as well as causing undue muscle-tension throughout his body.  
He began writing books about his findings and the first - "Man's Supreme Inheritance" - talked about the evolution of man. Even then (1910) he recognised the harmful effects of living in a world that was changing faster than our minds and bodies could adapt to those changes! 
What would he say now? On a planet that hurtles through space and time at an ever-dizzying pace. As our eyes peer at screens late into the night; shoulders hunched, wrists, arms, necks and heads extended at awkward angles.....there has never been a better time for us to embrace his principles, to recognise how we are overusing ourselves and to begin to think and act in a more coordinated manner. 
Within weeks you will start noticing changes (or sometimes more clearly people who know you will notice changes). These changes are small at first. Similar to acquiring a habit, the shedding of an unwanted one goes at first almost unnoticed . 
With your daily practice of more awareness of how you do things and of allowing yourself constructive rest times, you will soon set free more breath and energy. 
As your awareness of your posture improves you will breathe more effectively but could even experience discomfort as the body/mind let go of stored-up and unwanted tension. 
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