When you allow yourself to get to know yourself better by taking lessons, they will be an investment for life. Even as little as 6 lessons can be beneficial and give you some insight in how to stop harmful habits. A rule of thumb is, that 20 to 30 lessons give you enough experience of the new way of using your body, mind and spirit to be able to 'tune' your instrument, (yourself) in many situations. Some people like refreshers of this tuning every so often over the years. 
We will explore together the human psycho-physical relationship and - through better understanding - you will be able to calm your mind which will have a significant impact on your body. Through simple activities you can practice balancing, co-ordination, lengthening the spine and enlivenment of the body which will in turn encourage a better flow of energy throughout. 


I've always been passionate about fitness/health and loved classical ballet, swimming and long-distance running. I've lived and worked in many capital cities around the globe and always thought I was invincible. 
Gradually, my body began to show signs of wear and tear: a frozen shoulder, sore foot, insomnia, heart-burn and a queasiness in the stomach that had me literally knotted-up in fear. 
A chance encounter with the Alexander Technique 20 years ago, made me realise that perhaps there WAS something I could do for my nerves and anxiety.  
True to life, it was only 3 years ago that I actually took the steps to find out more about the Technique, by embarking on a teacher-training course in York. 
To say that those 3 years have been "life-changing" sounds like too much of a cliche and yet - that is exactly what has happened. I feel as though I am so much more informed and in-tune with my body, how it works and moves. I have learnt about how to begin to undo the years of mis-use and bad habits and can finally accept that thoughts, emotions and feelings are all connected and have effect on our bodies and our daily lives. 
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